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Hold It Mate

WALL Mounted Rail Kit (35" Long)

$ 24.99 USD

Brand New!   

Our Wall Mounted Kit, is exactly mounts with (4) included screws - or use whatever you need to firmly attach to your structure & (2) Bracket Mounts.  The Rail will hold all of our Exclusive Proprietary Hold It Mate Accessories: Planter Brackets, Universal Planter Brackets, (3) 10" Rings, (4) 8" Rings, Flat Iron Trough Hooks, Extension Hooks, Bird Feeder Hooks, Shelf Brackets, Grill Took hook - whatever we make for our Hold It Mate Systems - it'll fit the wall system!  So buy the rail, then pick out what Accessory you want to attach to it!  

Ideal for under windows, walls, wood fences, etc.  Create a Vertical Garden by attaching 2 or 3 to your fence, wall, etc. and get growing!  

Will hold up to 50lbs when secured properly.  

Please send us a note if you have any questions at all! 

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