Hold It Mate Fixed Planter Brackets ONLY $ 14.99
  (2) Fixed Planter Brackets (00706) - Fits a box up to 6.75" on the bottom.  Measure your planter box on the bottom, front to back.    Includes (2) brackets and will fit on our 16", 20", 24" or 36" Mounting Rails.  Mounting rail not included with this purchase.    
Hold It Mate Adjustable Universal Brackets ONLY $ 18.99
(2) Adjustable Universal Brackets  (00730) - Adjusts on the Bottom from 5.5" to 8.5" - measure the bottom of your box, front to back wide...not the top as most boxes are flared.   Include (2) brackets and will fit on our 16", 20", 24" or 36" Mounting Rails.  Mounting rail not included in this purchase.  These are extra brackets.   
Hold It Mate Flat/Shelf Brackets ONLY $ 14.99
  (2) Shelf/Flat Brackets (00719) - 10.5" Long, great to place a shelf on or a wide flat bottomed planter box - or to buy extra supports for a shelf kit. All kits include (2) brackets and will fit on our 20" (00712) or 36" (00700) Mounting Rails.   
Hold It Mate 18" Extension Hook 00710 (JUST THE HOOK) $ 12.99
Designed for hanging flower baskets and bird feeders. This hook extends away from the deck railing about 15 inches, and is perfect for 12" flower baskets! It is designed to be a very sturdy holder for anything you want to hang from your deck railing - facing inside or outside. Only connects to Hold It Mate mounting rail kits.  This is only the hook (mounting rail sold separately, either in a kit or alone). Will fit any of the Hold It Mate mounting rails! 
Hold It Mate Container Rings (3 Sizes) and a Bird Bath Bowl $ 12.99
Hold It Mate planter hangers designed exclusively for use with all lengths of the Hold It Mate Mounting Rails. Choose from 6", 8" and 10"   Hold It Mate Mounting Rails and accessories are made of powder coated steel and stainless steel hardware for lasting durability. The only tool you need is an Allen wrench, and that is included! See our blog post for the simple instructions.   Add the desired sizes you would like to the cart, and from there you may update quantity.    Don't forget to purchase a planter to match the hanger size you purchase. The sizes are also very standard, you may bring your new rings to your favorite garden center to find a perfect match and color.   We've also just made our Bird Bath Bowls available here!  Holds about a quart of water for the birds!  Buy an 8" ring with it - and connect to any of our Hold It Mate rail systems!  
Hold It Mate Long Hooks (Just the Hook - no mounting rail) from $ 15.99
  ALL Hooks Now In Stock!  The 27", 32” or 34" hooks are perfect for bird feeders, chimes and lanterns!  Add them to ANY Hold It Mate rail Mount! Please see the angles these hooks offer - the 32" extends out, the 27" & 34" are more upright - hence their names!  *This only includes the hook, not a rail kit, see ‘complete kits’ for those options. 
Hold It Mate Trough Hook Set (Just two Hooks, no Mounting Rail included) $ 12.99
This is a set of (2) Trough hooks designed to hold wire/metal cocoa lined planter troughs only on Hold It Mate Mounting Rails.   
Hold It Mate Extra Stainless Bolt Kit $ 2.49
Replacement stainless steel bolts and sleeve nut kit that includes:  3 bolts in varying lengths, 1 sleeve nut and 1 Allen wrench.  This is the same kit you would have received in your original kit order of a 6" rail kit.  Fits between 1/2" and 1 3/4" vertical spindles with the Hold It Mate Mounting rails.    If you need two sets for the 20" and 36" mounting rails, just add (2) to the cart.
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