Mounting Rails fit nearly ALL Vertical Balusters
Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Iron - Round, Square, 1/2" to 1 1/2" Deep!
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Fits any vertical railing to code or up to 5" spacing between spindles

6" Hold It Mate Mounting Rail

$ 14.99

Hold It Mate - Reconnect with your Deck!

The 6" Rail System holds 1 - 10" planters, 1 -8" planters or 1 - 6" planters.   Spacing a number of 6" rails with planter hangers looks awesome on the inside or outside of a railing.  But as they say, wait there is more!  With all the rails, you can use both sides of the kit to hang a planter or accessory.  See the pictures where you can see a planter on both sides of the deck.   Maybe near the grill you place a 6" rail and a tool hanger, but on the other side you hang a planter?!  

Hold It Mate Rails and accessories are made of powder coated steel and stainless steel hardware for a very long life.   The only tool you need is an allen wrench, and that is included - see below for simple installation instructions.

Fits round, square, aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, recycled vertical spindles that are no further than 5" apart and are a 1/2" to 1 1/2" thick.  Code for the gap between spindles in the US is typically less than 4" - to which our systems were designed.   Measure before you order.  

Hold It Mate was featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, Outdoor Spaces in spring 2015!   BH&G's editors LOVED the Hold It Mate System and will feature it in their other magazines and on social media.  

Hold It Mate is Patent Pending and available at select retailers beginning in late spring of 2015.