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We ship most orders inside 2 days time and ship from Colorado. Sometimes depending on the season - we are same day...but in most cases, we will ship your order inside 2 days.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Hold It Mate Products

No!  We include an Allen wrench with every kit - and that is all that is needed!

Absolutely!  This is what makes Hold It Mate so special.  Not only can you install your system at any height you desire, but you can attach to both sides of the railing on our mounts...they are all universally sized.

So long as your spindles fit within our specs, yes!  1/2" to 1 3/4" thick spindles that have an open space between them of no more that 5".  Not 5" on center, 5" opening.  Building codes state railing spindles need to be 4" or less open space, so we fir even many older railing systems.

Our developer is one of those 'over build it' type people.  So Hold It Mate is far stronger than anything on the market, and is of high quality.  In a world of, you get what you pay for - this is one of those items that will make you happy you made the decision.  We sell nothing but durable, clean, elegant and thoughtfully designed products.  Compared to others especially.  Nothing flimsy here.  

No, Hold It Mate was designed to fit vertical spindles.  Most chain link fences are too soft and will bend with weight added, so we elected not to create a product that fit them.

You received 3 bolts with your kit, use the next size down - Hold It Mate will fit snug so long as the spindles fit our specs.  There is a video on our site showing how to choose the right length bolt.  For quick reference:  Wrought Iron (solid steel) is usually 1/2" thick and will use the shortest bolt, Aluminum which is hollow, is typically 3/4" thick and will use the shortest bolt, PVC/Vinyl can be 1" to 1 1/4" and should use the middle bolt and wood and trex like spindles will be 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 thick and will use the longest bolt.  If you have tighten it all the way and it is still loose, you have used too long of bolt.  

Depends on the kit - basically any kit on our 6" mounting kit will hold between 10lbs (32" long hooks) 15 lbs (18" hook kit as well as 8" & 10" rings) and 35 lbs for all of our 20" & 36" planter box bracket kits.   When connected to square spindles and you have a good snug fit - there isn't anything stronger to hold your planters.  

That's a good question.  Always use your better judgement on placing boxes on your railing.  As there are so many variations of railings, and even more variations of weather conditions - you know best if something is safe on your railing or not.  Boxes simply sit on our brackets and other companies brackets...I've not seen a bracket that does more than that.  However, some customers will zip tie a planter back around the mounting rail or their spindles - others will only position their boxes inside their deck space, not outside.    Our universal adjustable brackets can be snuggly fit to the outside of the box, we found these are most secure and minimize any slippage.  

We want to add them to our deck, but there aren't any current solutions that are as high of quality as Hold It Mate - we love our planter box bracket kits!  Thanks
-Great question - and YES we will be releasing a tiki cannister holder that will double as a beverage holder in June 2021!  Thanks for your business!

First, that kit is designed to hold 10lbs, so that will explain the bending.  Second, yes - we have a stronger hook kit coming that will hold 3 items and is more vertical.  More to come, but expect them to be here in June 2021.

Well, go ahead, just don't resell it - we hold the US Patent on the utility use of the kits and our brand is a registered trademark.  But you can't build it for less, especially the time you'd need to put in!  ;)