Better Homes & Gardens Feature!!

We are very pleased to announce that in March 2015, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine will be featuring the brand New Hold It Mate System in their Decks, Patios and Pools special interest magazine!   The editors loved the ease of use of the product and are looking for other magazine spots to place the product in, as well as possibly using in social media!  

The Hold It Mate System connects to virtually ANY deck railing system with vertical spindles!  Either square, round or oddly shaped, 1/2" to 1 1/2" deep - Hold It Mate will fit!  From there you may attach any of the Hold It Mate accessories; 6", 8" or 10" planter rings, the planter box bracket kit, the tool hook, the flower bag hook and even a shelf!  Hold It Mate will not harm your deck rail spindles, it beautifys it!   To attach, simply tighten with the included allen wrench!  

We are now selling pre-orders of the Hold It Mate System right here on our site!   Choose between the longer 48" rail for a big impact, or the 36" rail for a long planter box, or the 6" rail for spacing planters evenly on the inside or outside of your deck!  Your products will ship some time in March, just in perfect timing for your spring flower and garden growing!   

Happy New Year!

Brian Johnson

Inventor and owner of Hold It Mate

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