Brand New Logo for Accessories!

The Growermate brand is expanding!   Introducing the Hold It Mate line of accessories and Mounting Bar for decks & balconies!    With the Patent Pending Hold It Mate Mounting Bar - you will be able to add planters of 3 sizes, 6". 8" and 10" right to the railing of your deck or balcony with only an allen wrench!   That's right, no screwing into your spindles or balusters, or hanging planters over the rail -  just clamp on the Mounting Bars onto the spindles on your rail, spin them tight and you can connect your planter holder, shelf, tool hook, and other great Hold It Mate Accessories by taking up minimal space!   It's like a Growermate Rack, but just the crossbar to hold your garden off the deck!   The new version of the Growermate Rack and all Hold It Mate products will be interchangeable as well!   

We will be accepting Pre-Orders on this web site for the products the first week of September, 2014!  

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