Big News!!

Growermate is off to a great start!   We were just informed that the patent pending Growermate Rack will be presented as a Top 10 product of new innovative products at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2014! The Growermate Rack will be on display in our booth #1048, as well as its own 4 x 4 spot on Innovation Avenue where the best products will be on display! The Growermate Rack is not your usual plant rack. It is a rolling, adjustable, functional tool that allows growers of flowers, herbs and veggies a lot of growing space while taking up minimal space! The rack is 20” x 20” at the base and only 50 ½” high. It moves with ease on casters, but also locks into place. Turn it to share the sun with plants on the other side. Wheel it to the water supply.   Turn the pots in their hangers towards the sun with ease. Turn the pots to water from the front vs all around the pot to minimize messes. Use as a screen to block unsightly views – while providing yourself an awesome view!   The Growermate Rack will feature many options in the coming months…like a shelf that pops on to the cross bars. to be used for a variety of things.  A bottom shelf that will nestle into the bottom base –this will allow you storage for a watering can, or just a place you may want to place a large pot of tomatoes vs using a hanger for a smaller pot.  You can tie the tomato plant vines to the rack so it won’t tip!   We’ll have small planter holders for the sides so you can enjoy 360 degrees of growth around the Growermate rack!

Also on the site are really cool patent pending ground mounted plant stands that are adjustable on where the pots can be placed - either two on the top, or one up and one down.  It's a very nice look and the stand itself basically disappears when the plants are grown.


The possibilities are many, the time to start growing is now! Order yours today!


Happy Growing,


Brian & Katie


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