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Hold It Mate

Trough Hooks & 36" Mounting Rail Kit for Cocoa Lined Wire Troughs

$ 39.99

Enjoy the ease of mounting a flat iron trough on your railings with Hold It Mate's Patented System!   ***Video shows the same 20" Mounting Rail, and different brackets - showing simply to show how easy it is to install***

Fits round, square, aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, recycled vertical spindles that are no further than 5" apart and are a 1/2" to 1 1/2" thick.  Code for the gap between spindles in the US is typically less than 4" - to which our systems were designed.   Measure before you order.  

Will hold ANY flat iron/metal cocoa lined trough style planter up to 42" long!   WAY better than zip typing to your railing - that's just not safe.   Our patented system connects securely to your railing and your trough will simply hang on the hooks provided!  No screwing screws into your railing/deck posts, etc.  Installs in minutes with the included Allen wrench.  

Attach your mounting rail up high, down low or stack them for a full flowery look!   The design ability of these things is amazing!   Oh...and the hardware virtually disappears once you've placed your planter on the hooks!    Happy Planting!

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