Growermate Ground Mount Stand

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The Tall Double Ground Mount is designed to hold a larger vase/pot to plant whatever is in season in around your home landscape.  You can place the ground mount along a sidewalk, walkway, paver patio, fire pit area, driveway or in the landscape garden for a taller planting.  Use the Tall Ground Mount instead of a hanging basket as the ground mount is designed to be a far more stable pot holder.  

This is a versatile stand.  You can place 2 potted plants at the top of the stand or one up and one down for a cool staggered look.   They lock in around a sidewalk very well and stay out of the way of mowers - they also fit well in a landscape garden and give you the option of bringing more height to your garden!  The stand comes with 2 10" rings.  Our 10" Fluted Vases and Self Watering planters are perfect for this Ground Mounted Stand.  If using your own, the inside dimensions of the rings are 9.75" for the 10" ring providing enough room for the planter/vase to catch near the top of the vase once positioned for a nice look.  Once you receive your mount and rings, you may also bring it to your favorite planter or vase store and find the right fitting pot to create your own look.   Many pots will fit.  

The Tall Ground Mount is 24" tall from the ground up and is powder coated in a flat black color and is built to last!