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Hold It Mate

SPECIAL OFFER! Self Watering Planter & Hold It Mate Universal Bracket Kit

$ 79.99 USD $ 89.98 USD

Wicker White
Wicker Coffee


We made a large purchase of some really great self watering planters perfectly designed to go with our Universal Bracket System! Planter is 20" Wide x 7.5" Tall x 7" Deep.  In this special purchase combo, we are offering our Hold It Mate 20" Universal Bottom Adjustable Bracket Kit & the Self Watering Planter of your choice of 4 colors.  Glossy White, Coffee, White Wicker & Coffee Wicker. Each planter comes with a water gauge, overflow valve, removable self watering reservoir and slots for the brackets to lock into.  These planters normally sell between $44.99-$54.99 and our Patented Universal Bracket Kit is $44.99.  As a Special Offer, we are pricing the bundle at $79.99 including free shipping until they are gone!   Get them while they last, these are the nicest planters we've seen and literally look like they are floating on the railing once installed!   Hold It Mate can be attached anywhere on your vertical railing.  See our simple instructions for more info.

Search Lechuza Self Watering Planters (50cm) for more details.  

Reviews below are just for the box, not with our Hold It Mate system attached to your railing.  What they sell for hardware only fits the top railing - and even then, not very universally.  Our kit is less money and extremely flexible on where you can place it! 

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