Heavy Duty Planter Box Bracket Set

$ 14.95

This is a kit of 2 planter box brackets to use on either a 48", 36" or 20" Hold It Mate Accessory Rail.   These are just the brackets, and they will only work with Hold It Mate mounting rails are will not work on anything else. The brackets will hold a planter box that is 6.5" deep/wide on the bottom (front to back measurement) - use the appropriate length Hold It Mate Mounting rail for the length of your box.  Once the brackets are snapped on to the Hold It Mate rail, just place a fully loaded planter with soil and plants on the brackets!   The Hold It Mate rail and brackets practically disappear!

Hold It Mate Rails and accessories are made of powder coated steel and stainless steel hardware for a long life!   

See our blog post for the simple instructions.  

Hold It Mate Rails are sold separately and are needed with this accessory.