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Heavy Duty Adjustable Planter Box Brackets

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This is a kit of 2 heavy duty adjustable planter box brackets to use on either a 20, 36 or 48" Hold It Mate Mounting Rail.  The brackets will hold a planter box up to 36" wide and between 6" to 9 1/2" tall the depth may vary, but not wider than 8"   This bracket set will hold a wide variety of homemade or store bought wood, plastic or metal planter boxes.    Once the brackets are snapped on to the Hold It Mate rail, just slip the box under the loosened adjustable brackets, slide the adjustable bracket down to clamp on the box and tighten stainless steel wing nut to hold it in place.  Fill your planter box with soil and plants and enjoy!  It's very simple.  The Hold It Mate rail and brackets practically disappear!

If you have plastic planter boxes we suggest you purchase our heavy duty planter box brackets - these adjustable brackets won't be needed.  

Hold It Mate Rails and accessories are powder coated steel with stainless steel hardware for a long life!   The only tool you need is an Allen wrench, and that is included! See our blog post for the simple instructions.