Hanging Planter Boxes, Bird Feeders, Shelves, Containers, etc. on your metal, PVC, Trex style railings SOLVED!!

We Have Your Solution!

Our system includes 3 different length bolts to connect to the widest variety of spindle widths possible. Wrought Iron is usually 1/2" thick, so the shortest bolt is used, Aluminum is typically 3/4" thick - use the middle bolt, and Wood spindles can be up to 1 1/2" thick, so the long bolt is ideal. Hold It Mate works by tightening mounting rails on each side of the spindles with an included Allen wrench - leaving no damage, but creating a very strong connecting point. If the system is still loose, the bolt ran out of room (meaning it is too long) and you need to use the next smaller bolt - Hold It Mate will indeed fit snug and not slide when connected properly! Follow our easy directions below for quick assembly.


Multi-Use Hook Installation

Bracket Installation

Build Your Own Kit

The Hold It Mate System is a modular system. You select your mounting rails based on your space and your attachments to fit your design! Hang flower containers, planter boxes, bird feeders and deck shelves. We also offer flag hanging kits & tiki containers (coming soon).

Click here to Build Your Own


Choose a mounting rail: they come in 6", 20" and 36" inches in length


Select your attachments: hooks, brackets, rings & more - box brackets are for 20"- 36" rails


Snap on your attachments: hold at a slight angle above the mount and click on!


If it's loose, you're using too long a bolt...use the next size down, do NOT overtighten! Easy Peasy!

Universal Assembly & Install


Measure the open space of your spindles - most are 4" - old ones are wider than 5" !


Insert sleeve nut into indented hole only, this allows you to connect accessories on both sides!


Choose the bolt length that is just longer than the width of your spindles


Spin proper bolt length into
sleeve nut just enough
to hold it


Slide bolt end into keyhole
slot of opposite mounting rail - hang one rail vertically and push through intended spindle location - turn mount and >>>


Snug tight with included
Allen wrench, do not overtighten


Snap on Hold It Mate Accessory!