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Mounting Rails fit nearly ALL Vertical Balusters
Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Iron - Round, Square, 1/2" to 1 1/2" Deep!

Railing Planter Kit - 20"

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How awful are the typical hardware brackets for planter boxes?   Most you can bend with you hands, and is there any wonder why they bend after a heavy rain soaks your planters?   How about the straddling boxes over the often have they landed in the yard or made a mud pile landing on the deck ruining your beautiful flowers?   Don't these also block your view when sitting on your deck?   With one product, the Hold it Mate Mounting Rail, we've solved these issues!   Enjoy the ease of mounting a planter box on your railings with Hold It Mate's Patent Pending design!   Fits any vertical spindles/fencing, round, square, wood, aluminum or wrought iron.  Universal fit system accommodates 1/2" to 1 1/2" thick spindles.   The brackets are of a serious heavy duty nature.   You'll break your hand trying to bend them.  

Fits any plastic/resin planter box tray that is up to 36" long and 5 1/2" wide on the bottom.  Most are tapered from bottom to top and therefore are wider at the top, which is totally OK!    Use your own planter box or bring the planter box brackets to your favorite garden center and find the right fit!  

Attach your mounting rail up high, down low or stack them for a full flowery look!   The design ability of these things is amazing!   Oh...and the hardware virtually disappears once you've placed your planter on the brackets!    Happy Planting!