Hold It Mate 18" Deck Railing Flower Basket or Bird Feeder Hanger Kit from $ 26.99
This is a complete kit with a 6" mounting rail and 18" Extension Hook.  The Hook extends away from the deck railing about 15 inches.  It is designed to be a very sturdy holder of anything you want to hang from your deck railing - either side of your railing!  Purchase 3 sets and space them on your railing for a beautiful look of hanging baskets or bird feeding options!   Even Wind Chimes!  Holds up to 15 lbs  Fits VERTICAL railing spindles that are built to code...which allows a 4" open space between the spindles.  Connects to a wide variety of spindles with our included hardware kits - no further tools needed.  From 1/2" to 1 3/4" spindle widths.  Wrought Iron is usually 1/2", Aluminum typically 3/4", PVC/Vinyl and Trex style are typically 1" -1 1/4" and finally wood can be 1 1/4" to 1 3/4"  - Simply use the bolt that is just a little longer than the thickness of the spindle...easy to find out which bolt to use by holding the bolts up against your spindles. Send us a message if you need further assistance!   Measure before you order.  
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